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Treatment Received:
Dental Bridges
Zirconia Crown

"I put crowns in all my teeth (zirconia and the front e-max crowns) and 2 bridges. The result was amazing more beautiful than real, definitely the doctor and assistant helped to this result. I recommend!! Very good service and polite !! With airport pickup and return,they found me hotel very close to the clinic and really felt very comfortable the 10 days of my treatment,very good prices too !!!!!!!!"

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Dimitris Philadelphia
Dimitris Philadelphia'I put crowns in all my teeth and 2 bridges'

      Reviewed 07 Aug 2015

Were you pleased with the treatment?

"My wife had 8 fillings (some replacement of existing) and 8 crowns (some replacement of existing), plus X rays and Tooth Whitening and the total cost, including flights, hotel, car hire and food came to only 60% of what our previous UK dentist would have charged. In addition, we were collected from and returned to the airport, collected from and returned to our hotel, and given a free mobile phone to communicate with the Clinic Administrator.

" Would you recommend the clinic? "

All the staff spoke excellent English. My wife was extremely nervous before our visit but says she would now happily go back any time if further treatment were needed. Dr Tanja was extremely efficient, caring, and took endless trouble to make sure of colour matches and fittings.

" Would you return for further treatment? "

Yes, without a second's hesitation."

Treated By: Tanja Trpevski

Peter St Albans. UK.
Peter St Albans. UK.'We were collected'

      Reviewed 07 Aug 2015

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